Da Lat Fresh Milk True Milk With ingredients of 100% pure fresh milk from the Da Lat plateau – Where the climate is clean, fresh and cool, it has created a special delicious Milk Flavor that cannot be confused with the milk taste of any raw material region. is different.

VPMilk Da Lat Fresh Milk is produced 100% from pure fresh cow’s milk from farms in the Da Lat Plateau, where natural conditions are ideal for high quality milk.

  • Green grasslands bring abundant fresh food.
  • Cool weather.
  • Pure water source

VPMilk Da Lat Fresh Milk is processed by modern pasteurization technology at low temperature, preserving its natural delicious taste and superior nutritional composition.
Nutritional value from 100% pure fresh cow’s milk helps provide Energy, Vitamins and Minerals necessary for a healthy body.

User manual:

– Always store from 2 degrees C to 4 degrees C. Once opened, use up within 24 hours.

– Drink directly or mix drinks: Milk tea, Capuchino, Latte, Ice blended drinks, ice cream production, baking, yogurt …