Da Lat Fresh Milk True MilkWith ingredients of 100% pure fresh milk from the Da Lat plateau – Where the climate is clean, fresh and cool, it has created a special Delicious Milk Flavor that cannot be confused with the milk taste of any raw material region. is different.

VPMilk Dalat Fresh Yogurt is produced 100% from pure fresh cow’s milk from farms in the Da Lat Plateau, where natural conditions are ideal for High quality milk source.

– Green grasslands bring abundant fresh food.

– Cool weather.

– Pure water source

VPMilk Dalat Fresh Yogurt is made entirely from pure fresh milk in the Da Lat plateau, naturally fermented to keep nutrients intact and naturally delicious taste.

The fermentation process without heat treatment helps the product retain the good bacteria for the digestive system, while providing the necessary vitamins and minerals for the body.

User manual:

– Always store from 2 degrees C to 4 degrees C.

– Drink directly or mix drinks: Iced yoghurt, fruit yoghurt, iced coffee, iced matcha…