VPMilk Dalat True Milk is produced 100% from pure fresh cow’s milk of the Da Lat plateau and processed by modern pasteurization technology at low temperature, helping to keep Full of natural delicious flavor and nutritional ingredients such as: Vitamins (A, D3 and minerals (Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc).

VPMilk Da Lat True Milk is made entirely from 100% pure fresh cow’s milk from the Da Lat plateau – where the climate is fresh and cool combined with the industrial chain. Modern low-temperature pasteurization technology helps:
– Preserve the natural delicious taste.

Retains good vitamins, minerals, and beneficial bacteria in milk

 Gives the necessary energy
Choosing 100% quality milk from the Da Lat plateau will help the whole family not only experience the quintessential taste, rich in nutrients from nature, but also support to strengthen the family’s resistance. !